Handwash your handmade intimates – a guide

A little TLC goes a long way when it comes to taking care of your delicates, especially handmade undies.

All Mojo items are handwash only so I thought I’d compose a little guide to quick and easy washing.

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Hand washing your intimates creates a whole bunch of benefits.

  • it saves the mesh, after a while fabrics start to deteriorate, this happens from aggressive wash cycles
  • the same thing happens to elastic, over time it stops stretching and can even come out of its casing

Hand washing will avoid all these little problems and your garments will last MUCH longer, I’m talking years added to that price tag.

It doesn’t have to take a whole day bent over the bath, scrubbing a month’s worth of undies either – I do all of my hand washing in the shower with me! This saves time and water. I take 1-5 items in the shower every so often and it adds 5 minutes onto my showering time.

All that’s needed is washing gel – can be specialist lingerie wash or shower gel or your preferred laundry detergent – lather the gel between your fingers and rub on the washables. Squeeze and rinse, soak, squeeze and rinse and you’re done!

Handwash details

I would also recommend getting something to easily hang your underwear from, I got the red ‘octopus’ from Ikea which has been a great help and also raises a smile.

Now go forth and wash your Mojo intimates with ease!

Molly x


*all pictures were taken my me and all items featured were made and designed by Mojo.
Handwash candle details
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