A Bitches Basics

One of several lingerie categories, a bitches lingerie basics are the items we wear everyday. Comfort and style in mind for every garment. Soft stretch, bamboo cotton fabric available in black and white.

All items are made to measure for no extra cost. You know that feeling you get when you put on a bra or pants that actually fit and don’t make you feel imprisoned or uncomfortable after an hour of wear? Have that feeling everyday with bespoke garments, even your lingerie basics.

If you are the eco conscious type, Mojo also offers upcycled knickers from t-shirts. You can send your very own pre-loved tees to be transformed, or select a design from our gallery of pre-loved tees. All items are again made to measure for no extra cost.

If you would like any other colours or design please get in touch via Mojo’s custom order form via the shop.


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