Eco Products

Technically all Mojo products are ‘eco products’ but for this instance we mean the toiletries. On offer are reusable makeup wipes, mesh wash bags, soap scrubs and upcycled tees to knickers.

These are particularly environmentally friendly because they replace items we would normally throw away after one use. By investing in these eco products you can reuse them time and time again. Simply place the makeup remover pads in a mesh wash bag and throw into your washing machine during your usual wash cycle. It’s that easy! Hang dry and use again.

When I say that all Mojo products are eco, it’s because each purchase is made to order. Which means that no fabric is used until it has a home to go to, thus reducing any fabric waste. All items are made to measure and are guaranteed to fit the recipient. Therefore there are no returns necessary to cause excess shipping and transport. No items going to landfill when they are returned, which is common practice for many big companies.

If you would like any other colours or fabrics please get in touch via Mojo’s custom order form via the shop.


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