How to make your own homemade toner and cleanser

By making homemade toner and cleanser you can get the most out of your Mojo reusable toiletries. Natural skincare has so many benefits, for those of us with sensitive skin in particular!
This one is super simple!
Grab a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar, available in most home stores.
Mix 1 part APC to 4 parts water. You can use less vinegar, to your preference but using more might have cause irritation to the skin.
Pour onto your Mojo reusable makeup wipe and dab around the face, then moisturise.
Selection of reusable toiletries in their recycled packaging

This one requires a few more ingredients, but you can feel like a scientist when making this one up!

This recipe if for a total of 200ml


90ml / 6 tbsp Distilled water (can be boiled but make sure it’s cool when mixing)
60ml / 4tbsp Nourishing Oil (can be olive, argan, jojoba..)
15ml / 3tsp Castile Soap
15ml / 3tsp Witch Hazel
Optional: 2 drops of an essential oil

Shake it all up then dab onto your reusable makeup to use.

Selection of reusable toiletries in their recycled packaging
All of the ingredients from the homemade toner and cleanser tend to settle over the day from not using them, so make sure to give a little shake before each use!
I have super sensitive skin and rosacea, so have to be very careful with what I put on my face. I’ve noticed a huge difference after using these for a while, as it’s using such natural ingredients!
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A reusable makeup wipe, front detail. Pink with a dandelion design.
A pack of 3 reusable makeup wipes in their recycled cereal packaging.
A reusable makeup wipe, front detail. In pink flannel, also available in blue flannel.
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