Mojo’s First Fashion Show – Label

A body positive fashion show for St. Andrews based fashion magazine Label.

A Deconstructed Fairytale.. we don't need the Prince's kiss to wake from society's slumber.

Label is based in St Andrews, Scotland and was first launched in April of 2016.

All Label shows are designed to be inclusive, innovative projects which celebrate body positivity- something that Mojo strives to represent. The fashion show takes place at the end of their academic year, as the fashion magazine is based in the university at St. Andrews

This year the theme is ‘A Deconstructed Fairytale’. The intention being to create an exciting, engaging, unconventional and politically charged show which celebrates both the whimsical beauty of fairytales and their darker, more sinister themes, as well as questioning the labels which fairytales represent.

The founder of Label, Jo, contacted me about doing an interview, head over to their site to see the other great events they put on and have a read of our chat, including what inspires my designs.

You can find that HERE.

Keep ya Mojo marras xo

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